I like people who have a sense of individuality. I love expression and anything awkward and imperfect, because that’s natural and that’s real. (via nyu-tah)
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Sa lahat ng emosyon, selos ang pinakamahirap pigilan.

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I will focus on my diet. I will not let stress ruin it.
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Hardwork pays off

Yesterday, I was with friends who I only see once or twice in a month. I was walking and they were behind me and they told me that my butt got bigger.
Last week, a friend of my boyfriend’s friend (who is also my classmate in Sociology), told him that I have a big butt.

In my mind I was like “wow. I’ve been working my butt for 4 months. IT WORKS.” It really feels so good when people notice the changes in my body because I worked hard for it.

Next goal: CHEST AND ABS. I’m currently doing push ups, dumbell presses and inclined dumbell flies. And yesterday, I started eating clean again. I really appreciate myself because yesterday, my mom brought home fast food for me but I didn’t eat it.

I got inspired to workout again because of my body builder friend, who advised me what workouts should I do to build a bigger chest. And I also got inspired because my boyfriend and I had a petty fight yesterday and he told me how fat I am. 🌸

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'Fashion is instant language.' Miuccia Prada